Contributed by Francis Ware
Plymouth, Florida


Francis wrote to Brian Marcroft in October, 2003 and sent him several photos, etc.  Her father, Pearl Jackson Bever had kept them.

These photos of the Mt. Lowe Booster club - they were "Heading for the Last Roundup" (as sung by Gene Autry).  Mt. Lowe was closing down and these were taken on that eventful day in December, 1937.  This was the last hurrah.


December 5, 1937   Photo by Ernest Leo


Left to Right:  P.J. Bever,  Mr. Gentry,  Mr. L. Taylor
Photo by Ernest Leo

Last Booster Run - Dec. 5, 1937
Photos by Ernest Leo


Pacific Electric Railway at Hygeia on Railroad Booster Mt Lowe Special - Dec 5, 1937
Photo by Alfred Haig

At Pasadena car house     Photo by Ernest Leo


Photo by Ernest Leo