Who the heck is Lee Zebold?

I was born at a very early age many moons ago.  The picture is me with two of the California Girls, my friends, and a great surfing and all-girl party band with whom I have the honor to work with and be their webmaster.

Issued into this world and raised in Pasadena, California.....and I won't tell you when....went to public schools, Pasadena City College and finally to
 Pepperdine College (later Pepperdine University).  This was a great small private college started by George Pepperdine back in the thirties.  He had a Christian ethic and good moral values, along with business enterprise acumen that led me to become a student.

After I graduated I joined the U.S. Navy, and was stationed on the U.S.S. Talbot County out of Little Creek, Virginia.  I was a junior officer - first an Ensign and later a Lieutenant JG.  I became an officer of the deck, and First Lieutenant in charge of all gun, boat and deck operations.  By the time I was mustered out four years later I was commissioned as a full Lieutenant (equivalent to a Captain in the Army).  I know they were trying to keep me in by bumping me up another rank, but I was not interested in a career with Uncle Sam.

When I got out, I came back home and started out with a small start-up company called United Medical Electronics Corporation.  It was guts to open.  We had to hustle.  There was no salary or wage.  Only commissions.  We sold medical products and supplies to doctors and hospitals.  That is where I got my feet wet with business enterprise.

Then I got into showbiz for a couple years owning part of a production company and producing a couple "B" Independent features.  They never went anywhere, and I figured that tinsel town was not my cup of tea.   So, went back to the medical field and got into medical management and administration, and ran several medical corporations at different times as the Business Manager and Administrator.  I was also CFO (Chief Financial Officer]  for several doctor groups, and I managed portfolios of investments, plus offered tax planning, and tax reduction through such legal structures as Nevada Corporations and Offshore Corporations.  Credit Repair and Debt Elimination did not become of interest to me until the last couple of years.

Also, in recent years, I studied at webmaster school and certain IT courses.  And, now, I have an abiding interest in doing websites.  I have also become a substitute teacher in 2 school districts. 

My other hobbies or activities involve being a Forest Service Volunteer for the Angeles National Forest.  I joined a volunteer organization, the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railway Historical Committee in 1995 and have been active all this time. 

Also, I am a terrible character out of the old west.  Me and Wyatt Earp and all the rest.  Since I'm their webmaster, they call me Max Webster.  I received an honorary badge, so now I am Marshal Max Webster.  Have a look at the website   www.usterritorialmarshals.org

For website projects I have 2 others I work with when the projects are prodigious.  "Debt elimination" and "making money online" are accomplished either with affiliate programs, or with others all over the country as fellow consultants.

I live in Los Angeles, and I am pleased to say that most of my family lives fairly near.  My beautiful daughter recently escaped to Dallas, TX, too far away.  My Mom and Sister and family live in San Juan Capistrano, a very charming little, historical town down near the beach in southern Orange County.

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