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Ron Jasinski, one of our volunteers, personally pays for this website to keep it going.  He is also our photographer, and is responsible for many of the images herein.

Also, when I am in need of computer expertise, Ron is always there to help.  Thanks, Ron

Having grown up in Altadena, and always loving to go camping and be in the out-of-doors, I was naturally drawn to the Mt. Lowe history.  As a boy, I would hike up to Echo Mtn. or Mt. Lowe with my friends, and we'd play around the ruins and remnants of the buildings that had been part of the Mt. Lowe Railway system built by Professor Lowe and Engineer MacPherson back about 100 years ago.  

Now I am a Forest Service Volunteer, as you can see by the uniform, and amidst my activities helping on the work parties, I also enjoy maintaining this website for the enjoyment of anyone who appreciates the history of Mount Lowe.

I have built this website primarily to share the pictoral unfolding of our activities and in honor of the late Thaddeus Lowe who originated the whole thing.  Please "surf" around and see the many interesting pages. 

You can see my artist Mother and her works as well.  Click Here

Webmaster/Editor, Lee Zebold
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Who the heck is Lee Zebold?


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